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5-2-1-0 Toolkit: Resources to Support Healthy Behaviors for Families

by Partnership for Early Childhood Services 10 Lessons in , , $5.00

Providers will be introduced to the 5 evidence based behaviors comprising the 5-2-1-0 message and complete the Let's Move Child Care checklist. Content will focus on how the behaviors can be supported in the Early Care and Education classroom through practice, policy and environment modifications.

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School Ready Libraries Module 3: Language Development & Communication

by Kentucky Department of Libraries and Archives 10 Lessons in

This is the third in a series of three modules focused on School Ready Libraries. These modules focus on child development knowledge as a foundation for supporting school readiness. Content and resources are designed to be a support to children’s librarians and highlight the role that you play as a community partner in school readiness. These modules will give you an introduction to child development and ask you to consider how you can incorporate this information in to your work with young children and their families. As you go through Module 3, please take time to reflect on the content, respond to prompted questions and explore resources. Information shared will hopefully give you some new ideas for working with young children and their families and resources to share with your community partners that work with young children.

NCSC Communication Tool Kit for Students with Severe Disabilities

by Patricia Singleton 11 Lessons in $0.00

This series of professional development modules focuses primarily on the basic elements of supporting communication and language development in students who do not use oral speech and who also may have intellectual disabilities. Not only is communication an essential building block for the development of language REQUIRED for access to the general curriculum, communication is an essential life skill. Student health and safety depends on the extent to which students have regularized gestures, symbols, and augmented or alternative forms of communication. Now more than ever before, technological enhancements make the goal of communication and language development achievable.

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Early Care Orientation OnLine (ECOOL)

by Early Care Orientation On-Line 48 Lessons in $30.00

This web-based training was updated in July, 2010 and fulfills the mandatory 6-hour orientation requirement for early care and education professionals in Kentucky. According to state regulations, a child care provider is required to complete orientation training within three months of being hired to work in a licensed child care program, or within three months of becoming a certified family child care provider.

Help! How do I Create Exciting, Accessible Spaces for ALL Children?

by Partnership for Early Childhood Services 13 Lessons in $5.00

This 1-hour course is an introduction to creating accessible spaces for children with special needs in early care settings. The course includes interactive, low budget ideas for successfully integrating children with special needs in all areas and activities. This course explores various ways to improve room arrangement for inclusive activities.

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Help! How do I Support the Emotional Health of Young Children?

by Partnership for Early Childhood Services 5 Lessons in $5.00

This 3-hour course will introduce how emotional health is defined, why it is important, key relationships that influence young children's emotional development, and the components of emotional health, including temperament styles. The session will be interactive and thought-provoking, with participants actively completing activities to explore their own temperament style, and making a toolbox of activity cards that can guide children's emotional development.

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